Wraps and castles

Few weeks ago we’ve been testing Magabi heart-weaved wrap (you can find Magabi on FB here). As often we did it on a family trip – this time to the very nice ruins of castle;)

DSC_1397-babywearing-magabi-wrapDSC_1406-babywearing-magabi-wrapThere was a lot space to play.DSC_1424-babywearing-magabi-wrapDSC_1400-babywearing-magabi-wrapSome dungeons…DSC_1416-babywearing-magabi-wrapWonderful landscape to admire, photos to take.
DSC_1445-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1481-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1483-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1487-babywearing-magabi-wrapAnd we even met little girl with hamster named Snow White;) It was sooo cute!DSC_1447-babywearing-magabi-wrap As always during such exhausting trips – milk-break;)
DSC_1430-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1469-babywearing-magabi-wrapDSC_1507-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1505-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1497-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1493-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1492-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1491-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1402-babywearing-magabi-wrapAs you can see – it has to be veeery nice ruin if brides and grooms are choosing it;) DSC_1509-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1527-babywearing-magabi-wrapDSC_1516-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1518-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1525-babywearing-magabi-wrapDSC_1551-babywearing-magabi-wrapDSC_1531-babywearing-magabi-wrapPaulina liked this super fluffy wrap just like I liked these ruins;) DSC_1537-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1541-babywearing-magabi-wrap DSC_1547-babywearing-magabi-wrapIf you would like to know more about Magabi or chat with fans – you can join Magabi FB group here.


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