Wrap you in Lenny Lamb;)

Yesterday there was a meeting with Hedwych Veeman and her little Team from Wrap You In Love. Hosted by Lenny Lamb in Poland.

It was nice to sit with coffee at morning and recall yesterday’s evening.

Over 600 kilometers there and back but it was worth it. To meet and talk with Hedwych and other lovely people who we know from the Internet (I know, I know, special guests had longer journey, but it was Helen’s first like this;)

Meeting was at Karuzela Smaków restaurant. With nice interior and healthy snacks;) As always – enjoy our photos.

Some of guests had their own meals;)

Some of them were just ending their work…

Or greeting new members of our community;)

(Helen met her name-sister;)

Of course we’ve met special guest and talked a little.

(Neverending selfies;)

And good coffee…

But fun doubled when Lenny Lamb announced that they are working on new type of carrier for the littlest.

There were also volunteers to test it – especially Jarek from Maluchtravel.pl 😉

It was real fun and pleasure to be there, to see and talk with you all.

Next stop – #carrynotscarry / #nicminiewisi festival at 5-6 May in Wrocław, Poland;)

By the way I do not know who did this:

But I believe that it is some kind of souvenir from toddlers – thank you;)

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