Twiga – warmwearing review

We’ve posted little teaser few days ago – now full review of our Twiga’s babywearing coat. We’ve tried different ways of babywearing in the winter. From Dad’s hoodie and softshell to staying at home. It was okay in autumn – child’s neck and back were well protected from cold and wind.

When Zuzu was smaller, there was no problem, but when she grew and winter came we needed something better. We’ve decided to buy babywearing coat from Twiga. It was used for one season by another mommy – but you wouldn’t say:)

Appreciation come when you need to swing between home, car, parking, kindergarten and shop. Few times a day.

And then one day Twiga – coat for two arrived;)

twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-1008 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-1021 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-1094I bet you want to know pros and cons – so here they are:


  • front and back panel, so you can wear your baby as you want, smaller or bigger – it is very customisable
  • it is softshellwaterproof, wind stopping and breathable
  • it has hoodie for baby
  • you can wear it without anyone’s help
  • you can wear it without panels just like normal softshell
  • baby’s legs are always protected😉

twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0903 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0893 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0872 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0834 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0791 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0786 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0765 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0757 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0718Cons

  • it’s a bit pricey
  • hood for baby could be deeper
  • no hood for mommy (it’s fixed in latest edition:)

We’ve been testing at 0 and above Celsius degrees. No problems at all, it’s great to have it🙂 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0297 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0278 twiga-babywearing-coat-softshell-0256

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