The time has come!

Do you know what time it is?

forest-walk-with-children-2forest-walk-with-children-1Yes, it’s mushroom time! It is very popular at autumn in Poland. Not too many yet, but 2-3 weeks of proper weather and there will be a loot of mushrooms to gather.
forest-walk-with-children-4 forest-walk-with-children-5Hannah has a lot of fun walking in the woods.

forest-walk-with-children-8Sometimes she finds some mushrooms:
forest-walk-with-children-6Sometimes animals like birds:

forest-walk-with-children-3Or some nice insects – like this grasshopper:

forest-walk-with-children-9And by the way – we’ve been testing mei-tai. We’ve found it very comfortable and quick to put on, but not while gathering mushrooms;)

forest-walk-with-children-7Are you collecting mushrooms? How does it look in your country?

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