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Sapphire Sunset

We’ve been testing Sling Studio’s Falling Feather – Sapphire lately. Beautiful, fluffy, exciting.

Freya Silver

Today Pellicano released new wrap with butterfiles – Freya Silver. You can still buy some of them at their webpage.

Sequential illness

Sequential illness – do you know it? When your family members get ill one-by-one, sometimes in two rounds? We’ll… We have it …

Sunset rhei

While you are waiting for our giveaway to end – please enjoy another beautiful babywearing sunset with Wauggl Bauggl😉

Florigenus at sunset

Something new at our blog – Wauggl Bauggl from Austria:) One picture is worth 1000 words, so look at this 38000 words;)

Evening walk

Here are photos from one of our evening walks with kids – first session with Natibaby Bonsai. This wrap is one of …