Something new – SensiMo Slings!

As we were teasing on our fanpage – we are happy to announce new player on babywearing scene – Sensimo Slings – please follow them on Facebook if you are interested;)

SensiMo is new company with fresh designs and gorgeous colours! We had pleasure to test one of their first slings.

Azuleyo Cuida

Sensimo SlingsFirst impression – so soft and beautiful, deep intense colours, lovely pattern and this feeling in my hands!

It feels rather like light blanket than almost five meters of cloth:)

Sensimo Azulyo ProcuWe’ve been testing it in various situations – it never failed.

Sensimo Azuleyo ProcuSensimo SlingsIt was used as dragging rope and cape. And reason for running at Grandpa’s garden:)

DSC_2511-2 DSC_2548-2DSC_2549-2 DSC_2551-2Also we took it for a very long walk – after 5km there was no problem with my back, my babygirl had a nice nap, so warm and comfortable.

This wrap is woven from supple cotton, it is ready to use out of the box. Wrapping in it won’t be any problem – even for less experienced Mommy.

Extraordinarily comfortable and very supportive.

DSC_2555-2Even with heavier babies it still rocks. And this awesome, vibrant colours makes it look soo exclusive.

DSC_2450-2And you can always rest on it;)

DSC_2503-2And there is a giveaway where you can win it – on Keep Calm And Carry Them!

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