Someone won Papaveri Rouge;)

Thank you for taking part in our giveaway. There was over eight hundreds of comments to read and choose the winning one.

To remind you the ring sling which was the prize:

pellicano-ring-sling-papaveri-rouge-101 pellicano-ring-sling-papaveri-rouge-101-2 pellicano-ring-sling-papaveri-rouge-101-4 pellicano-ring-sling-papaveri-rouge-101-5 pellicano-ring-sling-papaveri-rouge-101-7 pellicano-ring-sling-papaveri-rouge-101-8 pellicano-ring-sling-papaveri-rouge-101-9 pellicano-ring-sling-papaveri-rouge-101-10And the winner is…

pellicano-ring-sling-papaveri-rouge-101-6Aleksandra Sheasby with this comment:

As a Pole living in the UK, I have a very special sentiment for poppies. For one thing, they remind me of childhood summers, spent on Polish countryside, where those very fragile flowers decorate golden fields. In late summer, we would eat poppyseeds straight from the plant. When I was getting married, all details had to be red like poppy flowers, which I longed to have in my bouquet, but couldn’t because of their fragility. For us Poles, poppies have also a very historical aspect, reminding us of our soldiers in Monte Cassino. They also appear in many poems, as one of our unofficial national symbols. Now that I live in London, poppies gained another meaning, as part of the Remembrance Day. How could I ever not crave this sling…?

There was also nice picture attached on Facebook – you can see it there.

Congratulations Aleksandra – please PM us on Facebook;)

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