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Today we present you wonderful Pellicano Baby’s Little Monarch Arossa. Are any words necessary to describe how beatuiful it is?;) <img class="aligncenter …

Gimme Lime!

Here it is – our first Kohaku-fish-pattern wrap from Sensimo – Kohaku Lime:) By the way we’ve found a nice place at …

Love Arrows

It’s so hot last days. We’re looking for places to cool everyday;) And usually kids guide us to fountains;)


Do you like rapeseed? We do. And bees also like it;)

Sapphire Sunset

We’ve been testing Sling Studio’s Falling Feather – Sapphire lately. Beautiful, fluffy, exciting.

Testing fly, testing tai!

We’ve made a little sneak-peak at our fanpage few days ago that we are testing New Size Fidella‘s fly-tai  “Sirens -raspberry-“.