Weather was not so kind to the mushrooms this fall, but we still went out to check them out.

DSC_2304-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-black Have I told you that wandering through the forest is way easier when baby is on your back?:)

Thanks to Twiga bad weather was not an issue:) This year they have introduced babywearing coats for men – finally:)

It has removable front and back panels, so you can carry baby on both sides and also use it just as a regular softshellwaterproof and breathable windstopper.

You can find it at Twiga’s online store.

It has two hoods – for parent and baby.

DSC_2317-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-black DSC_2330-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-blackBut let’s get back to our main objective… Is it mushroom?

DSC_2299-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-blackNope. Just old blueberries.

DSC_2302-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-blackSo maybe there?

DSC_2321-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-black DSC_2332-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-black DSC_2336-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-blackNope.

It is time for plan B.

Take some nice selfie (look – this Twiga has – unlike version for mommies – chest pocket – ideal for my smartphone;)

DSC_2311-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-blackThen repeat, to get better one;)

DSC_2310-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-blackAnd send it to grandma asking if she has some mushrooms to share:)

DSC_2315-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-blackDone, we can go home.

DSC_2338-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-black DSC_2349-twiga-babywearing-coat-clothes-for-men-black

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