Mount Doom (Orodruin) – part 1

Few days ago we decided to go hiking around Ostrzyca – it’s a dead vulcano shaped in such a way as to be called Mount Fuji of Lower Silesia. Beautiful place for about 2-3 hours of hiking, with grilling spot where you can organize picnic at the end of journey.

In autumn it’s better to take boots – or jump through the mud and ponds. Forget about baby carriage – luckily we had babywearing wrap;)

mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-10 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-11 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-12

That’s the biggest mushroom Hannah saw in her life.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-13 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-14And here is our destiny – Mount Doom.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-15 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-16 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-17 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-18 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-19Ants have their own Mount Doom.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-20Break for a cookie…mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-21 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-22Local anomaly – trees are growing in mid-air.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-23Stairs. In forest. Stairs? In forest?mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-24mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-27 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-28Lots of stairs. mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-29 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-30 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-32And even more stairs…mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-35Hannah had to take a break, there’s so much stairs there.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-36In the meantine, Mommy was counting how many stairs are still to beat.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-38 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-39 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-40Apart from stairs there’s also a lot of rocksmount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-41And rocks.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-42And stairs.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-43And stairs mixed with rocks.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-44 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-45We have defeated all of them – all those stairs and rocks. And rocks and stairs!

In the next part – photos from the top of Mount of Doom and the way back.

Babywearing wrap:
Pellicano Baby Mauris

Ostrzyca, Kaczawskie Mountains, Sudetes, Poland.

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