Mount Doom (Orodruin) – part 2

Last time I wrote about our trip to the Mount Doom – today – photos from the top of Ostrzyca and way back. Mommy and Zuzu were testing new babywearing wrap from Pellicano BabyMauris. Hannah was testing Grandma. Dad was testing new lens:)

mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-46 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-47 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-48

There is something like rocky lair at the top, where you can rest on sun-warmed stones.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-49 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-50 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-51 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-52You can also watch signs:)mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-53Or Wolfsberg – a mountain with basalt mine – here’s my short movie from there.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-54Of course if you find warm stones, you will most likely be able to spot some reptiles sunbathing as well. If you like it – here you can find few other reptlie photos that I’ve made.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-55There are also wild photographers.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-59mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-62But babywearing mommies are waaaay better;)mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-60 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-61mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-56 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-57Looking for some mushrooms.mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-58And going back to the car. mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-64 mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-65Hannah was so exhausted, that she felt in daddy’s arms 5 minutes before end of the road. That’s attachment parenting without babywearing wrap😉mount-doom-babywrap-pellicano-mauris-66Too bad she was asleep – she missed this strange thing – mushrooms in an old basswood.
DSC_6804-3That was great trip – it was our second trip there, and I’ll bet you not the last one🙂

Babywearing wrap:
Pellicano Baby Mauris with diamond weave.

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