Mokosh Giveaway!

We have surprise for you – today new giveaway started  – you can win this wonderful wrap – you can find more details at our fanpage. But first look below…

mokosh-giveawayMokosh wrap – Eywa Northern Lights, size 4.

Composition: 48% tussah silk, 52% cotton.

Weight: 260 g/m2.

It was our first-time Mokosh wrap – we’ve been testing it for few weeks – Paulina fell in love;) It is very  supple, has awesome colors and interesting pattern.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but now it can be yours!

Enjoy photos from our last walk through the linden path. You can also look at previous photos here.

DSC_8404-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8416-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8422-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8424-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8425-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8428-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8429-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8430-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8445-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8447-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8457-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8458-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8460-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8462-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8472-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8478-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8480-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern DSC_8484-mokosh-wrap-eywa-northern

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