How did we get a cat?

Well, this was not typical event. I was biking when I saw this young kitty. It was alone, skinny and yelling. It had arm broken very badly. I catched it to backpack and took home. And it was just a beginning.

DSC_5664You see, I could left it alone where I’ve found it. But I didn’t. It was small, young, powerless. I took it home. I fed it. I took it to vet. It became she. A kitty. PSI – like a greek ψ. Or as friend of mine said – a Tripod.

She had her broken paw amputated – there was no chance to fix it. But she recovered very fast. DSC_5672_01 DSC_5689My wife took care about PSI more than I could (I had to go to work since she had vacatation). Kitty was recovering very fast. And you know what? Cat with three paws can still be as insane as normal cat:)

Just to show you her first 2 months with us – a funny movie:

Sometimes she is very annoying, but we love her. She is over a year with us and if I’ve found her once again – I would get her home once again:) There is nothing wrong with three-legged cat – kids will still love it. As much as adults;)

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