Father’s Day multi-giveaway with Fidella!

Hello our fans! Today we have something special for you!
New review of Fidella’s Fly-Tai New Size and multi-giveaway for a Father’s Day!

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DSC_6875Fidella Fly ­ Tai new size is a sling fabric baby carrier of multiple configurations. We’ve had an opportunity to deal with two Fly ­ Tai Fidella models and tested the comfort of wearing it both frontwards and backwards. Here is a Raspberry Sirens.

DSC_6920New size allows to adjust carriers to your baby size. It can be used to carry babies from the size of 74 to 104 cm which means it will last long ­ approximately to the age of 3.

It’s so durable it withstands weights up to 15 kg. It means that the weight of your baby is no limitation. DSC_6927 DSC_6930We took a while to test it on our 20 kg six­year­old and if it wasn’t for her high and length of her legs we still could use Fly ­ Tai to carry her.

DSC_7000 DSC_7018 DSC_7023Wide shoulder straps give an additional stabilization to the pelvis and hips and I thoroughly took an advantage of it. Simply it was much more comfortable to me.

A huge plus is the strings which allow to adjust the length of the carrier at the hip belt level and the head and neck stabilization level. Also it lets you modify the panel at the baby’s back to an individual high. It makes the carrier to be well­fitting at all times and gives the sense of “growing” along with your child.

DSC_7058 DSC_7066 DSC_7093Another advantage of the carrier is the foam shoulder straps which reduce the pressure of the weight of a child and removes any discomfort of a caring parent.

We tested the carriers in many different conditions and always, they proved themselves fast, comfortable and easy­to­use.

It doesn’t take much place and it comes with a comfortable case so the long stripes aren’t really troublesome when packing the carrier.

DSC_7095 DSC_7100 DSC_7121To sum up: if you are thinking of buying a carrier and you are hoping it lasts a little longer, then Fly ­ Tai is a good solution.

And now – you have a chance to win one of Fidella Mei-Tais – this that we reviewed here and other one – Love Arrows.

DSC_6344-fidella-mei-tai-amors-love-arrowsFor more details please look for multi-giveaway at our Parenting69 fanpage😉

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Good luck!

P.S. We finally made photos in poppies;)

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