Diva Milano Essenza – great for beginners

We have this wrap since October, so it is time to present it here finally.

p69-diva-milano-essenza-viola-wrap-babywearing-2644Long story short – this wrap is great – easy, supportive and soft straight from the box – as manufacturer says. It is very good for mommies that arestarting with babywearing. Plus it has friendly price and you can chat to Diva Milano on Facebook – they are friendly and always answering:)

p69-diva-milano-essenza-viola-wrap-babywearing-2626 p69-diva-milano-essenza-viola-wrap-babywearing-2632 <a href="http://parenting69.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/p69-diva-milano-essenza-viola-wrap-babywearing-2634 cialis in italien kaufen.jpg”>p69-diva-milano-essenza-viola-wrap-babywearing-2634Today it was used to ensure closeness to our baby in fever.

p69-diva-milano-essenza-viola-wrap-babywearing-2635But during last few weeks it helped us numerous time during babywearing meetings – learning newcomers was soo easy and fun:)

Hands free!

hcp-wrap-diva-milano-essenza-viola-5103Even passing on the wrapping skill to the younger generation:)

hcp-wrap-diva-milano-essenza-viola--2 hcp-wrap-diva-milano-essenza-viola-Thanks for letting us use this photos ladies;)

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