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Sapphire Sunset

We’ve been testing Sling Studio’s Falling Feather – Sapphire lately. Beautiful, fluffy, exciting.

Testing fly, testing tai!

We’ve made a little sneak-peak at our fanpage few days ago that we are testing New Size Fidella‘s fly-taiĀ  “Sirens -raspberry-“.

Freya Silver

Today Pellicano released new wrap with butterfiles – Freya Silver. You can still buy some of them at their webpage.

Last autumn…

One of the first Sensimo‘s wraps – Azuleyo TendrešŸ˜‰ Few photos from last autumn, we’ve catched nice light and mood, watching these …

Saturday walk

It’s been a while since we made last post, but this doesn’t mean that we stopped babywearing or taking photos;) It’s just …

Fairy Twins

Our first wrap from Serena Slings arrived some time ago, but we have had big problem how to nicely photograph it. Especially …