Do you like rapeseed? We do. And bees also like it;)

Today we present Sling Studio’s Buzz Queen (cotton 58%, linen 9%, silk 14%, escorial 19%). Thanks Martha;)

DSC_0599-EditDSC_0548-EditDSC_0585-Edit DSC_0591-Edit DSC_0593-Edit DSC_0614-Edit DSC_0617-Edit-2 DSC_0620-Edit DSC_0621-Edit DSC_0625-Edit DSC_0626-EditAnother day at Desperado’s Ranch, one of our favourite places to rest and take photos;)


Do you remember Kazik? Hannah’s best horse-friend?:)DSC_0541-Edit DSC_0629-Edit DSC_0631-Edit DSC_0639-Edit DSC_0641-Edit DSC_0647-Edit DSC_0652-Edit DSC_0655-Edit DSC_0678-Edit DSC_0685-Edit DSC_0687-Edit DSC_0701-Edit DSC_0710-Edit DSC_0720-Edit DSC_0722-Edit

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