Babywearing / wraps

Wraps and slings – all about baby wearing.

This page will be constantly upgraded by new articles that will appear on blog. For now, you can have list of all babywearing wraps in our photos:

Pellicano Baby

woven-wrap-pellicano-drakan-svart-dragons-bolczow-castle-8Drakan Svart


Mauris at Mount Doom part 1 and part 2

Autumn-walk-with-Pellicano-Maschera-Irides-23Maschera Veneziana Irides in autumn sun

Maschera Veneziana Irides at riverbank

Maschera Veneziana Irides

weekend-countryside-pellicano-maschera-ruby-wrap-8Maschera Veneziana Ruby #1

Maschera Veneziana Ruby #2

Pellicano-Baby-Zamira-Feu-baby-wraps-6Zamira Feu #1

Zamira Feu #2 this one with father and double load;)


Parenting-69-Natibaby-Bonsai-wraps-1Bonsai #1

Yaro Slings

Parenting-69-Yaro-Slings-Turtle-Blue-wrap-1-5Turtle Blue #1


babywearing-wrap-didymos-pfau-weinrot-peacock-10Pfau Weinrot

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